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Amazing Toffee

4.0 ( 9120 ratings )
游戏 액션
开发 wael Rauof

Toffee - 8 Bit Candy Game That’s Surprisingly Enticing >
We all love candies right? And so does Toffee, a naughty guy who always finds his candy tantalizingly out of reach for him. Youll need to use your wit and run as fast as you can to grab the candy while avoiding the spikes and booby traps presented in geometrical figures and shapes. To finish the obstacle challenges, you need to work your way across the road and grab that sweet treat in timely fashion and as quickly as possible!

Based on the hit Flash game, Toffee features 50 levels plus a slew of achievements to unlock. Each set of levels come with unique properties to vary the game play, from icy spikes, stars, rectangular objects, and various shapes set in a treacherous 2D geometrical environment.

With colorful graphics and catchy music, kids even grown-ups will love this charming physics-based puzzler - Toffee! So what are you waiting for? Dash and Grab the Candy!


• 60 Levels set across a variety of different worlds.
• Unique physics-based game play.
• Animatronic graphics.
• Based on the hit Flash game.